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In order for those of you who have not dealt with us to understand the aims an ideology behind our organisation we have written this brief insight into what we at Marsh Road Garages believe in.


Over some 43 years we have invested tens of thousands of pounds in special tools and equipment.

With the advent of modern management systems on both petrol and diesel vehicles it has become necessary to adopt a completely new approach.

As such, over the past few years-on new technology, we have spent further thousands of pounds on computerised test equipment, only to find that on some occasions these tools did not live up to our expectations.


Ultimately our expectations in a job were being drastically reduced and meant us having to turn to a dealer to re-configure or reprogram ECU units, thus removing our control of the job concerning timings and costings therein, plus of course paying dealer prices.


At this point we decided enough was enough and started to search the world for dealer level equipment. A happening that has only just been made available to us under the "EEC Block Exemption Act" and the Right to Repair.

This of course means that for the first time ever that dealer level tools are available to independent repairers, removing the dealer prices from the equation an enabling us to offer exactly the same service, but not at dealer level prices.


This together with our locksmith key reprogramming and ECU overhauls in house represents a further outlay, including extensive training for all concerned, on ECU board repairs and reprogramming therein.

All of which renders us capable of doing everything PLUS that which a dealer is capable of, from 97% of all vehicles, including most imports as we now have dealer tools.

In Addition to the above we are Delphi Diesel Point Agent and can do function tests on Common Rail Diesel Injectors and pumps and full pump tests, together with the many necessary tests.


For Example: Lost Toyota keys normally via Toyota means new ECU + keys, we now have the ability to professionally replace/reprogram the ECU for around half the price of Toyota via our locksmiths kit and purpose built in house ECU specialist repair workshop in a purpose built environment.


For 43 years, we have been successfully operating our 24-hour light and heavy recovery service. Our MOT testing (2 bays covering classes I, II, III, IV and VII) our Tachograph Testing together with general repairs and servicing we believe Advanced Diagnostics is the only way forward in the modern workshop world, in order to be dealer level competent on all vehicles, but not dealer level prices.


In order for you to understand the level of diagnostic equipment we process and the level of work we are doing, we enclose for those of a technical nature a list of same viz.:


Launch - Crypton Proscan with scope - SPX code reader - Delphi Fuel Injection Agents - Delphi Diesel Kit and all extras - First Look Sensor - MPV - ECU Automotive Kit - Darwen Diesel Kit, Coda - Smokey Pro, leak detection Kit - Key reprogramming, ECU kits/rechipping Kits for boards - Full Coda Kit. Dealer level Tools (just purchased).

Also Bosch Diagnostic Dealer Tools


 "Marsh Road Garages - Investing in the future"

"Investing in Common Rail".

The Team



Merlyn Upton



Workshop Manager


Steve Turnbull

24 Hour Recovery Driver



Other Team Members


Liam, Darren and Johan